ANAC Qualifying Artwork

The Lincoln Artists’ Guild recently hosted their annual ANAC Pre-Qualifying Show. From that show, a total of 17 pieces were selected to advance to the state show which will be held at the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs (ANAC) annual convention on June 19-22 in Albion, Nebraska. The state show will be open to the public from Thursday, June 20 through Saturday, June 22 at Boone Central High School. The show will include artwork from local art clubs, galleries, and guilds from around the state. The pieces selected from the Lincoln Artists’ Guild Pre-Qualifying Show include:

“Winging It”
Artist: Pam Apley

“Three North American Butterflies”
Artist: Danielle Dewees

“Floral Phoenix”
Artist: Lynette Fast

“Navigating the Twists and Turns”
Artist: Lynette Fast

“’In the Garden”
Artist: Janet Fraley

“Lava Flow”
Artist: Janet Fraley

“Peace Love and Selfie”
Artist: Keri Kriston

Artist: Kirk Kuenzi

Artist: Judy Martingdale

“Voices in the Mist”
Artist: Judy Martingdale

“Prairie Color Notes”
Artist: Gretchen Olberding

“Tree Lace and Lavender Sage”
Artist: Gretchen Olberding

“Glowing Sky”
Artist: Donna Pozehl

“Casting Shadows on the Prairie”
Artist: Will Rennick

“Music at the Market”
Artist: Linda Stephen

“Keep Growing” and “Serene”
Artist: Reida Wrenholt

Artist: Reida Wrenholt